Two more Classics.

The Lethbridge Handmade Market is this weekend! April 14 at Exhibition Park.

And here are two more Classic Satchels that will appear there.

It's Millarville Market time!

We had our first sale day at the Millarville Market yesterday. If you looked and couldn't find me, it's because I've moved. Teagarden Satchels Inc. is now in the 'Barns'. (B7), *snicker*...it's so very Albertan. Love it!

I'll be there again on July 8, July 22 and August 5. Come out and see what's new for Teagarden Satchels and all the other fabulous vendors.

New for spring 2017

Aren't we all ready for spring...and that means...florals.

Here are 5 of my newest satchels. Check the Petite Courier menu for more information on these satchels.

Vintage Satchels cont'd.

Vintage Satchels #3 is called 'Lipstick'.

It's red, yes, that red.

No leather, fur or feathers were used in this creation of this product.

And...there are more Vintage Framed Satchels under the menu of that name. Have a look!

Look under Vintage Satchels menu to see more information.

Limited Edition Vintage Satchels
'Vintage Satchels'. Some of you already know the story.

The frames on these satchels were found in the dark recesses of a Quebec warehouse by the new owner. No one knows when they were made but the estimate is 25-35 years ago. But there they were in their original packaging. And that's where Teagarden Satchels Inc came in. I've designed and created the satchel to go with 'Vintage' frames to complete their purpose in life.

And because I could get a limited number of these fabulous frames, there has been a limited number of satchels produced. The Vintage Satchels shown over the next few weeks are the sum total of my collection.

Remember too, that Teagarden Satchels Inc. never uses leather or fur. Never!

Introducing first, Vintage Satchel 'Dark Red'

For specifics on this satchel, please see the details under Vintage Satchels menu.

And second, Vintage Satchel 'Turq'

For specifics on this satchel, please see the details under Vintage Satchels menu.

Millarville Christmas Market here we come!

Look for Teagarden Satchels at Millarville Christmas Market on Sunday, November 13th ONLY.

We'll have a large selection of our regular satchels some brand new, plus some neat 'seasonal' items like wee coin purses and such.

These are only for the Christmas season and don't usually appear on this website. However, just this one time, here's 2 of them.

These are wee zippered coin purses.

And these are 'squeeze' frame coin purses. The blue one in the front is finished. the others behind are awaiting frames.

It's thirsty work being a dog.

It'll be hot out there at the dog run this summer so make sure you stay hydrated!

Have your human get one of my Utility Satchels because it has a 'Gulpy' for your water and lots of room for c-o-o-k-i-e-s and t-r-e-a-t-s. And extra balls for retrieving.

There are multiple pockets for human things like wallets, car keys and cell phones.

Here's a sample of what's awaiting you.

See more under my Utility Satchel section.



Introducing our 9" frames (for our framed satchels)!

Many of you are aware of my love of 'framed' bags. I've used various frames over the years which had to be ordered from the far reaches of the earth. So I decided to see if I could have some frames made locally. 

So the result of my search is...(trumpet sounds)...9" stainless steel purse frames! They're gorgeous!

It took a bit of experimenting and new techniques. Here are the first results.

Arizona 9" Classic Satchel

Buffalo Bag 9" Classic Satchel

Fuschia Flocking 9" Classic Satchel

Mossy Check 9" Classic Satchel

and Sunset Windows 9" Classic Satchel

 To see how they look from the side and open, please see my Classic Satchel Collections page.


Windsor, here we come!

Wooohooo...Teagarden Satchels Inc. has been accepted into Art in the Park in Windsor Ontario, June 5-7. Look out for us at booth 147!

And here's my latest Mid Courier Satchel to whet your appetites.

Fiery Fronds Mid Courier Satchel

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