This collection was the inspiration for Teagarden Satchels and is defined by the use of a purse frame.

Purse frames lend a real convenience and efficiency to the use of a bag. They stand open so we can easily see our things. Then they shut securely. 

New to our 8” Classic Satchel Collection are 7” and 9" wide stainless steel frames. 
All our frames have been custom made for us in Canada. 

Cross Body Satchel  a.k.a. 'That's One Big Bag'

This satchel came about from my need to carry all those small bags of Market Garden purchases in one large tote. The cross body strap relieves the strain of a one sided shoulder strap and left me hands free to squeeze the rutabaga.

It's a sizable bag, measuring between 16" -18" high and 19" wide. It's unlined, with two flat 11" high pockets on each side. As well as an adjustable cross body strap, there is a small handle on the top and a loop and toggle to close the bag top.

Note: also handy for carrying picnics supplies, Christmas gifts, school and work notebooks, and anytime parcels.


I was wanting a satchel that was more like a 'tote', larger than my Classic Satchels but still with all the interior pockets. So, here it is! My Peak Shoulder Satchel! 
Peak refers to the shape of the roomy exterior pockets. Inside are 6 medium and one large sized open pockets. 

There's lots of room in the middle too, for all your extra stuff you really need.
You know I'm all about function. The two exterior fabrics are hardy upholstery materials and the strap is an ample 28" and a width to be comfortable on any shoulder. 

These little Pocket Purses are for the times that you don't have any available pockets but need to carry two or three things.

There's enough space for a cell phone, a small slim wallet and a set of keys.

Room for just a few things.

Note: I don't generally purchase fabric off the roll unless it's spectacular. And this is! This fabric was purchased at Nippori, the fabric district in Tokyo.


These products are the last of their collections.
So let's see them off to their new homes at a discount.
Here I have the most basic, easy to use satchel I could possibly create.
I had in mind a satchel that would be perfect for any activity/dog walks/lunch bag.
Of course, it's pretty nice looking so you could use it just about anytime and anywhere. 
It's a roomy satchel with space for balls, snacks, gloves and sunglasses
and light weight so it sits comfortably on your hip.

The M-size Utility Satchel measures  10” x 10”  and about 4” deep.
My S-size Utility Satchel is 8" x 8" and about 3.5" deep.

Some of you already know the story.
The frames on these satchels were found in the dark recesses of a Quebec warehouse by the new owner. No one knows when they were made but the estimate is 25-35 years ago. But there they were in their original packaging. And that's where Teagarden Satchels came in. I've designed and created the satchel to go with 'Vintage' frames to complete their purpose in life.