Utility Courier Collection

Here I have the most basic, easy to use satchel I could possibly create. I had in mind a satchel that would be perfect for your outdoor activities and/or daily dog walks. Of course, it's pretty nice looking so you could use it just about anytime and anywhere. I've used tough, hardy, water repellent, easy to clean outdoor/sports/awning fabrics. On one side, there are straps to accommodate a water bottle or umbrella.

The large zippered pocket on the flap is for quick access items like car or house keys. The front has an open pocket that could be a good place for your phone. The back has an open pocket (poo bags or hiking maps) and another zippered pocket! Lifting the flap, you'll find a zipper to securely close your satchel to keep your wallet and other valuables safe. Inside there are 2 open pockets made from the same fabric of the exterior, eliminating the need for a lining.

The shoulder strap can be extended into an easy to wear cross body. It's a soft, light weight satchel that will sit comfortably on your hip.

(Dog hydration bottle included in various colours)

The Mid Utility Satchel measures  10” x 10”  and about 5-6” deep.

My Petite Utility Satchel is 8" x 8" and about 2-3" deep.