Pocket Purses and Slim Wallets!
In 2019 Teagarden Satchels Inc. will be focusing on
'Pocket Purses and Slim Wallets!'
These small lovelies are available only at artisan markets. Sorry, no online sales yet.
There are 2 styles of Pocket Purses:
-zippered pocket and phone pocket
-catch flap with open pocket and phone pocket
My Slim Wallets are designed to fit 'perfectly' into my pocket purses.
Watch this page for news on my next artisan market!
New, new, new: Cross Body Satchels

Introducing my newest collection of Cross Body Satchels.

(a.k.a. 'That's One Big Bag')

Here's a bag that will carry all those small bags of Market Garden purchases in one large tote. The cross body strap relieves the strain of a one sided shoulder strap and leaves you hands free to squeeze the rutabaga. It's an unlined bag with 2 large flat pockets on each side for smaller, flatter articles.









Two more Classics.

The Lethbridge Handmade Market is this weekend! April 14 at Exhibition Park.

And here are two more Classic Satchels that will appear there.