1. Am I being charged taxes?
No, all taxes are included within the cost of the bag. 

2. What are your shipping charges?
Packages under 5 kg are $20.00 to ship. Over 5 kg are $40.00 to ship. 
Sorry, I don't ship outside Canada.

3. What if I need repairs on my bag?
For defects of workmanship or hardware, repair or replacement of piece and shipping is free.
For wear and tear, repair is also available. Please contact jane@teagarden-satchels.com for further information for an estimate on costs. 

4. What are your options for payment?
Teagarden Satchels accepts only Paypal payments at this time.

5. Are your fabric vegan?
The great majority of my fabric is remnants from upholsterers that don't have content labels. Therefore I cannot certify they are vegan.
I have developed a pretty good eye over the years and learned about the fabric I use.
Besides, I seriously don't want to use animal products, so if I suspect a fabric contains any animal parts, I simply pass it on to an artisan who can use it.
6. You get most of your fabric in large lots from upholsterers, do you ever purchase fabric by the meter?
Rarely. But when I do, the fabric is has to be truly exceptional. (I mention it in the description of my satchels.)