About Me

Jane Senda, Teagarden Satchels

I've been sewing since before I started kindergarten. My part time job during high school was at a fabric store where I learned a deep and abiding love of textiles. This lead me to study Fine Arts and complete a BFA.

My designs and techniques create a useful, efficient bag with a necessary dollop of 'delight'.

A wide variety of fabrics, each spectacular in their own way are chosen. From ultra durable commercial upholstery materials to excellent quality blankets and quilting cottons, I search out the best for the desired effect. I'm inspired by the colours, textures and patterns of each material in making each bag a uniquely exclusive piece.

I strive to be ecologically responsible and use upholstery bolt ends where possible and am ever increasing my use of 'green' fabrics. As a vegetarian, I never use leather or fur. Never. I try to be locally supportive, always on the lookout for suppliers of fabrics and hardware produced in my community.

I hope you enjoy using my bags as much as I enjoy making them.

Made with love in sunny southern Alberta.

– Jane Senda, Satcheler