Western Blanket Petite Couriers are back!

Ahhh, February. It's really supposed to be winter here in Southern Alberta. But we've been blessed with warm spring-like weather. Nevertheless, I'm prepared to feel warm and snuggly with these 'western blanket' Petite Courier satchels. The blanket fabric is 82% wool and 19% cotton and the body is 100% wool or a wool blend.
These handbags will retail for $95.00.

They'll be up on the website shortly with more info and photos.

I call this one 'Cesar'.

Cesar Petite Courier Satchel 1.

Cesar Petite Courier Satchels 2. Cesar 1 and 2 are made from the same blanket, just different areas. It's amazing the different designs and colours are in each blanket. Lovely!

Heartfelt Petite Courier Satchel 1.

Heartfelt Petite Courier Satchel 2.

Heartfelt Petite Courier Satchel 3. Yep. Sames goes for Heartfelt. It's possible to make several completely different looking handbags from the same blanket.

I hope you enjoy these.