• Mid Courier's little sister has arrived!
  • Jane Senda
Mid Courier's little sister has arrived!

New for Autumn 2015, Petite Courier has been redesigned!

What you'll see now is a 'petite' version of my Mid Courier Satchel. My Mid Courier stands strongly at 10" x 11" and my wee new addition Petite Courier is 8" x 9".

Yep, all the outside pockets are similar but smaller;  there's 2 open and 2 zippered. Inside there are 4 open pockets and 1 zippered. That's a grand total of 9 pockets in this diminutive parcel.

And here, fresh off the production table...uh...sewing machine...uh, whatever....is my first.

'Taupe Fancy'

  • Jane Senda