• New for Fall 2015
  • Jane Senda
New for Fall 2015
"New for Fall 2015!

Presently in the product testing stage is Teagarden Satchels latest venture: "Urban Knapsatchel"!

If you're like me and like to carry your life around with you, this satchel may be for you. It's a handbag, a shoulder/cross body bag and a backpack. This lovely, roomy, urban handbag will, with a strap switcheroo, transform into a backpack. This is for those days when you just want to carry too much stuff!

The final dimensions will be approximately 11" wide at the base x 11" high and about 5.5" deep. It will retail for between $150.-$165.

After ironing out a few details and making adjustments and corrections, our Urban Knapsatchel will go into production (one by one) early this fall."

Front of satchel has an open pocket and zippered pocket. The little red packet on the zipper pull is a key to the clasp. A wee bit precious if you ask me, but kind of cute too.

Satchel side. The patterned fabric is from a high quality western blanket satchel. Caramel colour is a felted wool fabric. The red detailing is a rich red faux leather upholstery fabric.

The back of our Urban Knapsatchel has all the hook up bits. There's also another zippered pocket here too.

Chief Joseph Sage/Caramel Urban Knapsatchel shoulder/cross body arrangement.

Chief Joseph Sage/Caramel Urban Knapsatchel backpack arrangement.



  • Jane Senda