• Introducing our 9" frames (for our framed satchels)!
  • Jane Senda
Introducing our 9" frames (for our framed satchels)!

Many of you are aware of my love of 'framed' bags. I've used various frames over the years which had to be ordered from the far reaches of the earth. So I decided to see if I could have some frames made locally. 

So the result of my search is...(trumpet sounds)...9" stainless steel purse frames! They're gorgeous!

It took a bit of experimenting and new techniques. Here are the first results.

Arizona 9" Classic Satchel

Buffalo Bag 9" Classic Satchel

Fuschia Flocking 9" Classic Satchel

Mossy Check 9" Classic Satchel

and Sunset Windows 9" Classic Satchel

 To see how they look from the side and open, please see my Classic Satchel Collections page.


  • Jane Senda